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PokaYoke Infotech

We develop customised enterprise solutions for our customers to fulfil their Organisational requirements. Our bespoke software packages that support business processes, information flows, reporting and data analytics in the organisation. We deal with ERP and CRM solutions to enhance the Organisational productivity. We help our clients to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other insights and useful information that can help clients to take right decision at right time through business intelligence and analytics solutions. We help our clients to develop their business through content management, SEO services, developing web and mobile base digital platforms. Our experts work round the clock to develop IoT based projects for smart cities and other industrial applications.

  • Web Development
    Web Development

    Being into professional Web Development, PokaYoke Infotech is a reputed organization who completely comprehends that a website is the refection of a brand. With this conception in mind, our team of experienced experts offers theirs efforts to provide our clients with results which is not only out of the box but at the time pleasant to the eye. While working on a project we assure that it is customized in a way that can make our client stand out of the general crowd.

  • Application Development
    Application Development

    Currently, Application Development is one of the booming services in the industry. With PokaYoke services you can meet your requirement in a cost effective manner. Right and tailor made solutions for all your application related needs are available with us. Our team of experts will be working on the specific task with 100% accuracy and perfection. Requirements differ from industry to industry. Keeping this in mind we work on the best fit solution as per the need raised.

  • Content Development
    Content Development

    Content being a major part of a given website, the Content Development team from PokaYoke Infotech takes utmost care to compose and create content which is glossy, reader friendly and crisply detailing all the requirements of the web pages. Continuously we have been winning the trust of our clientele for over seven years as we are housed with content developers who possess tinge of smartness and technical skill to put down write-ups that are as per the subject matter, website traffic and digital marketing objectives. Moreover, they emphasis on the changes and conditions favoring a client's intensions and goals.

  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization

    Owing to the fact that a website can portray its best rankings and gains only when planned and PokaYoke Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are applied, PokaYoke Infotech is a renowned internet marketing company who makes use of search engine algorithms and in-depth analysis of user's search to stay ahead of competitors.

  • Online Marketing
    Online Marketing

    Sharing pace with the major Online Marketing establishments, PokaYoke Infotech is a corporation who has been offering cutting edge Digital marketing services and solutions since 2008. We make our existence for all those who desires to make maximum benefits out of comprehensive web marketing services. Since our inception, we have been incessantly dealing with clients from all nooks and corners of the globe and thus bear a reputation to be one among the leading internet marketing solution providers.

  • Data Services
    Data Services

    At PokaYoke Infotech, our goal of data processing activities is to turn a vast collection of facts into meaningful nuggets of information that can then be used for informed decision making, corporate strategy, and other managerial functions. We empower you with accurate and reliable data so that you can stay connected with your clients whilst promoting your business at the same time.

  • Lead Generation
    Lead Generation

    Comprehending well the essence of generating fresh leads and to retain the old ones, PokaYoke Infotech has trained its online marketers with the aptitude and flair to create leads that can be effortlessly be converted into clients. At the same time we maintain a online platform to engage with new customers constantly for enhanced marketing results.

  • Research & Analysis
    Research & Analysis

    At PokaYoke Infotech, we provide exemplary Market Research and Analysis services that will help you stay a step ahead of your competition. We have an expert team of highly skilled professionals armed with proven research practices.


Our vision & mission

“Our vision is to embrace continual growth for our customers through innovative enterprise solutions.” At PokaYoke Infotech our focus is to be a leading global provider of digital enterprise solutions. We visualize being a leader and driving excellence with our industry-specific enterprise solutions. We are committed to earning our clients' trust through outstanding execution and uncompromising dedication to their success and make ourselves as one of the top competitive digital enterprise solutions organization in the global Marketplace in the upcoming years.

“To deliver the bespoke enterprise solutions for our customers to improve their business efficiency and enhance profitability.” Our focus is to acquire and retain valuable customers for various types of companies and businesses. Our main objective is to delight our clients by providing comprehensive services and help them take their business to the next level. Today, we are one of the fastest growing organizations recognized globally for our Quality, Creativity, and Excellence.

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